Friday, 9 September 2016

Happy Diwali 2016 New Sms

 Diwali is the festival of Lights.Diwali marks a major shopping period in India. In terms of consumer purchases and economic activity, Diwali is the equivalent of Christmas in the west. It is traditionally a time when households purchase new clothing, home refurbishments, gifts, gold and other large purchases. The festival celebrates Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and investment, spending and purchases are considered auspicious. Diwali is a peak buying season for gold and jewelry in India.

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Happy Diwali 2016 Best Sms

As This Year Is Ending, I Wish All The Negativity And,
Difficulties Also End With This Year And 2016,
Bring Success And Desired Results For You!
This Year Lets Make A Promise To Follow,
The Resolutions You Make More Strictly,
And Achieve What You Truly Desire In Your Life.

For Last Year’S Words Belong To Last Year’S Language.
And Next Year’S Words Await Another Voice.
And To Make An End Is To Make A Beginning.

As The New Year Renews All The Happiness And Good Tidings,
Hope The Joyful Spirit Keeps Glowing In The Your Heart Forever,
Happy New Year 2016

Happy Diwali 2016 New Wishes

Let this Diwali burn all your bad times and enter you in good times.

Today’s the `Festival of Lights’ all over; A joyful day for minds and hearts and souls; Laughter and smiles for many days; Let there be triumph in every way.

Light a lamp of love! Blast a chain of sorrow! Shoot a rocket of prosperity! Fire a flowerpot of happiness! Wish u and your family “SPARKLING DIWALI.

May this Diwali, you be blessed with good fortune – as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity – as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and troubles – as small as his mouse.

Happy Diwali 2016

Wishing you with Wealth & Prosperity,
as you journey towards greater success.
Wishing you a Happy Diwali 2016.
 This Diwali I Am Sending You CASH: